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We offer competitive price, quality gear hire for Live Events, Theatre, Corporate, Weddings, Schools, DJ’s and more. Packages are tailored to suit production needs. Daily, weekly or long-term hire options are available. Contact us with your budget and request a quote.

Grand MA3 Onpc XT Lighting Console

Full capable GrandMA3 lighting console, easy to handle anything up to full scale concerts and moving light rigs. 

  • 10x Motorised faders, 28x encoder button/pots, 18x encoder buttons

  • 2-3 dmx universes physical outputs

  • Artnet/sACN dmx compatiable (using nodes - seperate)

  • Single 24" touchscreen monitor

  • Preloaded with showfile ready for theatre/bands/live event

  • Full customisable

  • Ipad for wireless remote control

  • 3d visualiser

  • Comes in easy to travel roadcase with screen built in

  • Optional: 2nd 24" touchscreen

Chauvet Intimidator 450 Moving Head Wash

  • 180w LED Moving Wash

  • RGBW

  • 7° to 34° Zoom

  • Pixel Mapable

Chauvet Corepar 80 LED Par

Full Color COB style Led par fixture used for wash lighting stage, ground even light, or effect lighting

  • Full Color RGB

  • Bright 80w LED

Chauvet Slimpar Pro-H LED

  • 120w LED Par


Beamz LED Mini Strobe

  • Battery or Power Operated

  • DMX or Standalone

  • USB rechargable

  • White or UV available

LSC Maxim 72ch Lighting Console

  • 72ch Console

  • 10+ pages of Scenes, Chases and Cuelists

  • 2x DMX Universes

  • Easy to use

LED Chandelier

  • 8 Arm

  • 800mm wide

  • 800mm tall

  • Halogen Tungston Candle Globes

  • Candle Surrounds

  • Dimmable

  • Ready to hang on truss

  • One of three types available

Chauvet DIFI USB Wireless Receiver

  • Wireless DMX Receiver

  • Plugs directly into Chauvet fixtures

  • Works with Chauvet wireless units

Chauvet Truss Pillars

Truss pillars for hanging/mounting lights or monitors on. Includes baseplate top and bottom for placing fixture on

  • 1.8m Box Truss

  • 300mm Baseplate

  • Can be hung or freestanding

Robe 575 AT Spot Moving Head

  • 575w Arc Globe

  • 2x Color Wheels

  • 2x Gobo Wheels

  • Motorised Zoom

  • Prism

  • Focus

Winch Lighting Stand with T-Bar

Winch up Lighting stand with 50mm T-Bar for FOH Lighting Bar or backlighting stages. 

  • Maximum Height: 4m

  • Max Load: 85kgs

  • Weight: 27kgs

Lighting Stand - Boom

Boom style lighting stand, with heavy baseplate and multiple legth pipes (1m-3.6m) in black

Used for hanging side lighting fixtures or backdrops.

Boom Arms also available for hire

Chauvet Intimidator 475ZX Moving Head Spot

New and improved model of the 475z. Improved colors and punchier output.

  • 250w LED Moving Light

  • 8x Colors, now including onboard CTO white

  • 2x Gobo Wheels

  • Custom Gobos

  • Prism 5 and rotating prism

  • 13° to 28° Zoom

Chauvet Wireless Freedom Sticks

Wireless Effects LED Stick that can be placed anywhere in a space. Create amazing pixel mapped effects using auto or controllable modes. Completely wireless for theatre or where cables cant be used.

  • Operates completely wireless

  • Battery operated (up to 6hrs) or powered

  • Full Color RGB LED

  • Individually pixel mapable

  • Amazing built in auto and sound active effects

  • Uses baseplates or hanging eyelet (for waterfall effects)

  • Can slave to a single master stick to control all sticks around the room

  • Wireless DMX controllable using Chauvet Difi Transmitters

DJ Power H3 Haze/Smoke Machine

Hazer for small all the way up to large venues. Water-based and used for either haze or smoke applications

  • Haze or Smoke Machine

  • Built in roadcase

  • DMX or Auto modes

  • Suitable for all size venues

  • Quiet and quick operation

  • Multiple fluid types available depending on application

  • Extra fan included for evening out haze

Beamz MHL90 Moving Head Wash

Basic wash Moving light with Full color

  • LED Moving Fixture


  • Pan, Tilt, Strobe

LED Birdie

  • 3000k LED Dimmable Globe

  • Works with 4 pack and conventional dimmer units

  • Gel Holder

ETC USB Lighting Console

Slimline Dongle based Lighting Control for use with your own Mac or PC.

  • Full EOS Lighting Console System

  • USB dongle unlocks free to use software from ETC website

  • 2000 Fixtures control

  • Artnet/sACN network based DMX

  • 2x DMX Universes

  • Mac or PC

LED Chandelier

  • 9 Arm

  • 1000mm wide

  • 1100mm tall

  • Halogen Tungston Candle Globes

  • Candle Surrounds

  • Dimmable

  • Ready to hang on truss

  • One of three types available

AVE 4-Pack Dimmer

Small 4ch dimmer pack that runs on main power. Ideal for lower wattage conventional fixtures, running led birdies or led tape.

  • Runs on single 10a 240v

  • 4x 10a max dimmable Channels (total 10amps)

  • Built in Chase effects

  • Switchable to dimmable/relay/constant power

  • DMX controllable

LED Log Lights

Custom made led fixture for creating magical forest scenes. Made from actual timber logs and dmx controllable

  • Actual Timber logs that can be sat on

  • RGB Full-color LEDs

  • Standalone or DMX Controlled

  • 240v power (via 12v controllers)

  • 5m flat cables

Jands HPC 12ch Dimmer/Distro

3 phase switchable distro unit for theatre and event power

  • 3 Phase - 32amp

  • 12x 10amp 240v outlets

  • Switchable - Dimmer/Relay/Hot Power

  • 3 Phase Extension Cable available

Chauvet DMX 5-way Splitter

Splits DMX into 5x seperate streams, plus 1x link out

  • 5x outputs plus link out

  • 1x input

  • 5-pin and 3-pin (interchangable)

  • Reclocks dmx signal for longer runs

Boom Arm

Arm for hanging heavier fixtures that can't be side mounted onto Boom Lighting stands and truss.

Scaff style clamp

Chauvet Intimidator 475z Moving Head Spot

  • 250w LED Moving Light

  • 8x Colors

  • 2x Gobo Wheels

  • Custom Gobos

  • Prism 3 & 5 Effect

  • 13° to 28° Zoom

Chauvet Colorband Pix LED Lightbar

Full Color Lightbar thats great for theming rooms by uplighting walls, backlighting stage, lighting up individual set pieces

  • 86w LED Lightbar

  • Full color RGBW

  • Individual Pixel Control

  • Powerlinked/DMX Linked

Chauvet Geyser RGB FX Smoke Machine

  • FX Smoke Machine

  • RGB LED Uplighting

  • DMX controllable

  • Great for bands and wow factor

Robe 575XT Moving Head Wash

  • 575w Arc Globe

  • CMY Color Mixing

  • 8-22 degree zoom

  • Focus

Festoon Lighting

  • RGB Festoon Lighting

  • Dimmable

Visual Foldback Camera System

  • Wireless Camera System

  • Used for Stage feeds, ops feeds, Theatre visial foldback

  • 4x Wireless Cameras

  • 1x DVR

  • 1x Monitor

  • Can be split to multiple screens

Chauvet DIFI USB Transmitter/Receiver

  • Control fixtures via wireless dmx

  • 1 DMX universe per unit

  • Works with all Chauvet wireless products

Prostand Truss Stand Kit

Flat Truss and stand kit for hanging lights/backdrops on. Ideal for djs or backlighting

  • 2x 1.5m Flat Truss (3m)

  • 2x T-Bar Light Stands

  • 38mm pipe

Stage Deck

Stage Platforms that can be used at different hights and in different configurations. 

  • 2400mm x 1200mm x 200mm dimensions

  • Leg Heights - 450mm, 900mm

  • Customisable for different layouts and raised parts of your stage

  • Staircases available

  • Packages available for multiple pieces

Chauvet Artnet/sACN DMX-Art2 Node

Network Artnet/sACN DMX Node for distributing DMX signal via CAT5 networks

  • 2x dmx outputs

  • Each port assignable to different universe/protocol

  • Can be changed to DMX Input with adaptors

  • POE Powered

Laptop - Mac

Mac OS Laptop preloaded with common apps for theatre, event and presentation use

  • Mac OS

  • Qlab - free (licenced versions availabe for hire)

  • Powerpoint

Chauvet Fire Effect Light

Fire Effect light that imitates real fire

  • LED uplit

  • Realistic fan moves silk like real fire

  • Can be on stands or hung

  • Non-dimmable (needs to be on relay circuit/wall powerpoint)



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